Submitting a photo-book project

Before submitting a photo-book project to us, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with our publications by visiting specialised bookstores, browsing our website or downloading our catalogue, so as to make sure that your project is compatible with our interest, our taste and our editorial policy.Many of our books are multilingual. An exhaustive list of our books with English texts included is available here.

The best way to submit a project is a matter of personal choice and may of course vary according to the project itself. Generally speaking, though, a short edit of ten to twenty pictures along with a brief introduction text suffice for us to assess our interest in the submitted work. If we deem it necessary, we will request a larger selection form the photographer.

Submissions should be sent preferably via email at We accept pdf, jpeg and text files attached to an email that should not exceed 15 Mo. A receipt confirmation will be issued automatically. Insofar as possible please do not send Wetransfer or any other type of link with short downloading deadline, as we may not have the time to download them before their expiration.

Projects that for some reason cannot be submitted digitally can be sent by postal service at Le Bec en l’air – Friche La Belle de Mai – 41, rue Jobin – 13003 Marseille, France. If you wish that your documents be sent back to you in case of refusal, it is required that a pre-stamped envelope with sufficient postage and addressed to yourself be enclosed with your submission.

Every submission related to photography will be considered and replied to, with the exception of poetry, novels, essays, travel narratives and diaries, children’s and young people’s literature, with or without photographs.

Photographers will be notified of our decision within three months after receipt of their project submission. Please be patient !