Before submitting us your photobook project we strongly recommend that you visit a specialised bookstore, explore our website or leaf through our catalog to get a clear idea of the books we publish and of the consistency of your proposal with our editorial line.

Many of our books are multilingual. An exhaustive list of our publications with English texts included is available here.

We receive projects exclusively at

Please send us:
– an edit of around twenty photographs
– accompanied by
a short presentation text of the project,
– as a PDF document, low-definition images in JPEG or a text document, attached to an email
not exceeding 15MB.

If necessary we will request extra material from the authors.
acknowledgment of receipt is sent automatically.

The small size of our team and the increasing number of projects received every day unfortunately no longer allow us to respond to all submissions.

Therefore, a lack of reply within six weeks of receiving a project either means that it does not correspond to our editorial line, or that the circumstances do not allow us to carry out this project properly. This does not constitute any judgment on the quality of the submissions, but is intended only to avoid unnecessary waiting and disappointment.

Furthermore, we will not be able to examine or respond to projects:
– submitted through a fast expiring download link such as Grosfichiers or Wetransfer;
– to be watched on a website;
– sent to the general enquiry address or to the personal address of a publisher;
– sent by post;
– concerning stories, novels, essays, travels journal or narratives, children’s book, collections of poetry and other fields not pertaining to our specialty, the photobook.

Thank you for your interest in Le Bec en l’air,

The publishers